Pinch Valves, Tubing

Replace Pinch Tubing After Millions of Cycles

In an effort to meet the ever-growing needs of its customers to reduce instrument maintenance and control cost, Bio-Chem has invested in testing to validate the use of its traditional pinch valves with more advanced tubing products that may virtually eliminate annual tube replacement.  Traditional silicone-based tubing has a rated life of up to 500,000 pinch cycles, resulting in frequent replacement of tubing in the pinch valves.  This costs the instrument owner time and money.

Pharmed® BPT tubing is gaining in popularity within the diagnostics market due to its durability and chemical compatibility.  This tubing is already the standard for use in peristaltic pumps.

While the durometer of this tubing can create challenges when used in pinch valves, Bio-Chem has successfully validated its standard 2-way valves to pinch Pharmed® BPT tubing, thus introducing the option for its customers’ customers to replace tubing after up to an amazing 4 million pinch cycles.

For any application that could benefit from 800% increased tubing life, Bio-Chem now has the expertise and products needed to meet the challenge. Contact us to learn more about this game-changing development.

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