Customer Support, Pinch Valves

Support Knows No Boundaries

Providing “high-performance” customer support is what sets Bio-Chem apart.  The team is constantly seeking ways to exceed the expectations of its customers.  Being a global company serving a global market means that the ability to deliver such support must not be restricted by borders.

This global support capability was on display recently when Bio-Chem’s teams in the US and China cooperated to support the development of a Water Quality instrument.  The instrument was designed in Shanghai and intended for the Chinese market by a company with key decision makers based in the US.

The biggest technical hurdle in the project was related to the selection of pinch valve tubing that met all of the varied needs of the instrument.  This application presented a unique set of parameters that required significant testing and customization.  Since Bio-Chem had a deployed team of highly-trained engineers in Shanghai supported by the full power of the design team and lab in the US, they were able to address this challenging project globally.

With product experimentation and testing in the US and project management and application engineering in China, the customer was able to accelerate its validation testing, overcome its design challenges and release the instrument on-time.  Bio-Chem was grateful for the opportunity to participate in this project and proud of the successful result.  The customer was appreciative of the professional support provided by a team that was uniquely positioned to exceed their expectations.

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