Piston Pumps

NPD is a Team Effort

At Bio-Chem, the process of launching new products is critical to the corporate strategy.  As such, each new product plays an important role in the future of the company.  The development process is highly visible to all parts of the organization.

In fact, management goes out of its way to include everyone in the process.  With the launch of the Piston Pump, a new opportunity arose to engage numerous people within the organization that would not normally participate directly in NDP.  The pump needed a name.

To generate as many ideas as possible for the pump name, a competition was devised.  Several four-person teams were organized.  Each team had a member from sales, engineering, administration, and operations.  The teams were encouraged to meet, brainstorm, and ultimately present to the entire company their chosen name(s) and supporting arguments for its use.

The Board of Directors then met to debate the names presented, to determine if any of the names were acceptable.  As this was a new process for choosing a product name, there was no guarantee it would generate a keeper.  Fortunately, a name that invokes control, consistency, dependability and excellence was presented.  Maestro is the ideal name for this excellent product.  The process was a rousing success.

When it was time to launch the Maestro Piston Pump, Bio-Chem Management wanted, once again, to include as many members of the team in the feeling of success.  A launch party was organized on the day of the launch, December 11, 2015, as the culmination of a year-long effort.  There was a true sense of inclusion and anticipation of future success amongst all employees in attendance.

In the next few months, more products will be launched and Bio-Chem will, undoubtedly, continue to make its NPD a team effort.

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