Piston Pumps

The World’s First 10,000,000 Cycle Piston Pump

Maestro, Bio-Chem’s Piston Pump, was officially launched today, and the market is on notice that a new standard in dispense pump capability has arrived. Visit the Maestro Piston Pump page to see how this exciting new pump compares to popular competitive products.

In response to a Voice-of-the-Customer campaign, Bio-Chem decided that the market needed a more reliable, longer lasting, piston pump at a competitive cost. The New Jersey-based NPD team, led by Bill Easterbrook, VP of Engineering, established a product specification, based on industry and product experience. Mr. Easterbrook, formerly of BD, and Henry Huang, the Lead Engineer for Pumps, formerly of ITC, each brought significant experience and familiarity to the design process. The leading pumps of today were collected and tested, resulting in valuable observations of the potential failure points and design challenges for customers using these products.

It was clear to Bio-Chem that a better product can be built. A number of improvements in mechanical design, materials, and manufacturing process have been incorporated into the Maestro. The results of the validation testing performed on hundreds of pumps, which are available upon request, indicate that Bio-Chem in fact has developed a pump that will perform with at least 99.5% accuracy and precision of better than 0.2% CV for 10 million pump cycles, which is exactly twice the life of another piston pump offered today.

Maestro is truly a better pump. Bio-Chem listened to the market and designed a unique product that will change what OEMs expect from dispense pumps.

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