Piston Pumps

Maestro Pumps Deliver High Accuracy Mixing for Global Healthcare Company

Using the new Maestro piston pump, BioChem Fluidics was able to perform a complete subsystem redesign of a fluid mixing system for a global healthcare and research company.

While the original system was satisfactory, it was impacted by a number of component limitations and design aspects that limited its scope of performance and increased maintenance requirements. The company realized it could perform better and contacted BioChem Fluidics.

BioChem engineers designed the new mixing system with two Maestro piston pumps that can be independently controlled to keep a reagent-to-water mixture within a tight spec range. The pumps provide continuous mixing of multiple fluids with accuracy variability less than 1 percent. The Maestro pumps also allow for consistent performance at multiple flow rates.

BioChem ensures a long lifetime with very little maintenance, as Maestro pumps have been proven to operate at 100 percent duty cycle for more than 10 million cycles with no recalibration necessary.

The revolutionary Maestro pump, along with support from the BioChem Fluidics team, produced a new mixing system that was more accurate, efficient, flexible and reliable with a lower cost of operation than the original system.

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