Piston Pumps

The Pump That Won’t Quit

BioChem Fluidics has touted the superior life delivered by its Maestro Piston Pump several times, but the cycle life achieved thus far is staggering and bordering on absurd. Look at the latest results listed in the following table:

Pump Head Piston Flushed Seal Fluids Millions of Cycles
Acrylic Ceramic N Water 18
PEEK PEEK N Water 16
Acrylic Ceramic Y Water 16
Acrylic Ceramic Y 10% NaOH 13
PEEK PEEK N Acids, Bases and Alcohol 10

These results have engineers within BioChem and their customers wondering what can stop the Maestro? How long will it last? One thing is for certain, the Maestro Piston Pump is the new standard for long life in the industry.

So, if you need a pump that is truly worry-free for the life of your instrument, look to the Maestro from BioChem.

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