Pinch Valves, Rotary Valves

New Solutions from Collaboration

BioChem is always ready to collaborate with its customers to design solutions to real problems. In the past few months, the Applications Engineering team has worked on a number of new solutions that have resulted in positive outcomes for customers and created new products that are available to everyone. Here are a couple of examples of new products that are the result of such projects.

  • Low Dead Volume Pinch Valve – In an effort to replace a nuisance valve employed in an application where fluid carryover must be kept at a minimum, BioChem has designed a 3-Way Pinch Valve that has only 10 microliters of fluid volume between the plunger and output Y-connector. This new product not only provides lower dead volume than the competitive valve it is designed to replace, but it allows for field tube replacement rather than the replacement of the entire valve. Better performance and lower cost.

Low Dead Volume PV

  • 3-Way Rotary Valve – It is common for syringe pumps to have an accompanying rotary valve to divert flow.  These valves are not normally designed with the quality of a stand-alone rotary valve, until now. Since BioChem’s rotary valve is machined from PTFE, it offers a lot of flexibility in flow path design. A customer needed a higher quality rotary valve for use with a dispense pump. BioChem quickly designed and delivered a custom valve with a flow path with the usual NO and NC functions, but went further by adding the ability to bypass the pump or common port. This unique solution is available to you today.

3-Way ERV Rendered


Everyday BioChem is asked to tackle issues that inhibit innovation. Whether the solution requires a full NPD effort or just the expertise and creativity of an Application Engineer, BioChem welcomes those opportunities to enable medical and scientific advancement.  Don’t accept the problems you face today. Collaborate with BioChem Fluidics where today’s problems become tomorrow’s solutions.

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