Customer Support

Because Support Matters

The BioChem tagline of “Because Support Matters” is not a slogan. It is a realization of the reason OEMs are partnering with BioChem at an ever increasing rate to solve real problems which hamper innovation. It is no longer enough for suppliers to build and sell components. In today’s economy where the pace of technology is advancing at a blinding speed, supply partners need to offer more. BioChem is organized and focused to provide a different level of support and OEMs feel the difference.

The structure of BioChem’s commercial teams is intended to get Application Engineers out of the lab and into the field. The collaboration improves dramatically between passionate people that connect face-to-face. Relationships of trust are built and the pace of advancement and problem solving quickens as a result of working closely together.

BioChem’s culture places value on its customers. Knowledge of customers’ instruments and the impact that BioChem’s solutions have on the accomplishments of OEM partners around the world is shared and discussed with every employee. This visibility and awareness of the global impact of the next valve or pump a person designs or builds creates a sense of ownership and pride in this important work.

BioChem will never stop improving the ways in which it benefits customers.  Not all of those ways will be obvious to customers, but they will feel the difference in working with BioChem. Customers will continue to trust in BioChem, because support matters.

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