Rocker Valves

Opus Rocker Valves Deliver Maintenance-Free Fluidics in a Compact Package

No one likes getting their blood drawn. Doctors, nurses, and lab technicians are looking for instruments that can do more with less sample material. One of the best ways to decrease the necessary sample size for your instrument is by minimizing dead volume in the instrument’s fluidics system.

Square footage in labs is precious, and many customers are looking for innovative new devices that pack more capabilities in a smaller package. But even more precious than your customers’ space is their time. Failure of fluidics components lead to inaccurate test results and instrument shut-down while customer must wait for maintenance to fix or replace the offending part.

An efficient, reliable, and accurate fluidics system can last the lifetime of the instrument if the correct components are chosen when the instrument is designed. BioChem Fluidics is making maintenance-free, reliable fluidics possible with the introduction of our Opus Rocker Valves.

The Opus Rocker Valve provides maximum liquid flow and minimal internal fluid volume within a compact footprint. Our Opus Rocker Valve has the lowest dead volume on the market for rocker valves with its same flow rate, allowing your customers to save on precious reagents while avoiding contamination of sample material. Thanks to its small size Opus can be mounted in a variety of configurations and is ideal for manifold-mounting, making it the perfect valve for compact or component-dense instruments. Opus has a mean time to failure of 15 million cycles and should easily last the lifetime of any medical diagnostic instrument. For instruments with regular maintenance cycles for other components, Opus is equipped with an LED indicator for valve diagnostics at-a-glance. Opus provides real value to instrument manufacturers looking to produce the most reliable test results with the minimum amount of dead volume.

Opus Rocker Valves are just another way that BioChem Fluidics is Improving the Reliability of Life Science Instruments. For more information, please visit or get in touch at

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