Manifolds, Piston Pumps

Improving Reliability of Life Science Instruments

Bio-Chem thrives when we are working together with customers to solve their most challenging fluidics problems. We have been working with customers for many years to develop custom Manifolds that simplify their fluidics systems and optimize their instruments. Our team of applications and R&D engineers are ready to work with you to improve the reliability of your instrument through collaboration, innovation, and the desire to improve the lives of people worldwide.

At the core of our business, Bio-Chem has the most complete fluidics portfolio on the market. Why are we so proud of this? We have created a broad offering while refusing to offer “me-too” products. We make sure that we work with our customers to create new products that solve their most pressing problems. Our favorite example of this is our Maestro family of piston pumps.

During a Voice-of-the-Customer tour it became apparent that the market needed a more reliable piston pump. We created our Maestro Piston Pump with the valuable feedback we gathered from this tour. Maestro is the longest-lasting piston pump on the market, able to withstand over 18 million cycles without need of maintenance. After launching this product, we found another trouble plaguing IVD companies: salt. Sodium hydroxide and other crystalline solutions wreak havoc on fluidics systems, causing most pumps to deteriorate within 1 million cycles. So we engineered the Maestro ULTRA Piston Pump to be the world’s first salt-proof pump. Our new and proprietary piston material eliminates the need for maintenance for over 5 million cycles, even in solutions as strong as 10% NaOH. To put this into perspective, seawater has a salt concentration of only 3.5%.

Twelve years ago Bio-Chem Valve became Bio-Chem Fluidics. We made this change as we expanded our repertoire from valves to pumps and manifolds. Today, Bio-Chem is proud to offer the most complete fluidics portfolio on the market, from pinch valves to piston pumps to manifolds that optimize your fluidics system.

Find out more about our fluidics portfolio at

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