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Bio-Chem United

When people come together for a common cause amazing things can happen. This is evident when you step into Bio-Chem Fluidics’ head office in Boonton, NJ where a team of passionate and dedicated individuals join forces to design, manufacture, and support thousands of critical components for life science instruments.

We pride ourselves on our nimble, flexible team that is known throughout the industry for its professionalism, fluidics expertise, and timely support. Our employees are equally proud to be a part of a company that is part of such an important market. “I like my job because I know what I’m doing is helping to save lives and help medical facilities,” a Bio-Chem assembly team leader says.

Similar sentiments are shared by her coworkers. One member of our assembly team chimes in, “I like the people as well as the work and the environment. The management team is helpful and motivating.” Another says, “I like working here because we develop more experience, skills, and knowledge with opportunities to learn.”

It’s easy to see that Bio-Chem’s core mission is shared by our team. Management at Bio-Chem strives to inspire and empower every level of their team through constant communication and ongoing talent development. “I wanted to join the Bio-Chem team because they offer a great mix autonomy and collaboration,” says Tori Trout, our Product Manager. “I have the freedom to see what needs to be done and act. If a problem arises my suggestions are listened to and ignite meaningful discussions which lead to a collaborative solution that is carried out by the whole team.”

“I have an uncommon advantage of living a lot of Bio-Chem history,” says Curt Eliasen, Bio-Chem’s Technical Support Specialist. “The passion for being the best, built on professionalism and treating others with respect has been the drawing force that has kept me here all these years. I find the people I work around strive to get it right for our customers.  The past few years has been especially exciting as our product line offerings have gotten smarter and target real market needs. It will be exciting to see the future at Bio-Chem because of theses core passions.”

Bio-Chem is always looking to add passionate talent to our team. If you’re interested in joining us, please send your resume to

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