Customer Support

Great Customer Support Starts with Management

“Understanding of your customers’ difficulties is at the heart of a good company,” says Bio-Chem Fluidics CEO Sharad Joshi. “Active empathy for your customers’ pains is at the heart of a great company.”

At Bio-Chem Fluidics we focus on solving our customers’ challenges rather than selling a catalog of products. This initiative starts with an executive team that recognizes the transformative power that creating deep customer relationships has on a business.

In the words of our Vice President of Engineering, Bill Easterbrook: “If we focus on products and not solutions, then we are HOPING to solve their problems not ENSURING we solve their problems.” A typical meeting with a Bio-Chem Account Manager starts with questions like “What challenges are you facing in your current project that keep you awake at night?” From there a meaningful conversation about what is truly needed to solve a problem can be held. “Our only purpose is to add value to our customers,” explains our Vice President of Sales, Chris Murphy. “The time we spend with our customers is either increasing or decreasing their profitability. There is no neutral impact. We are committed to making a positive difference with all interactions.”

Understanding our customers’ challenges also allows us to bring truly innovative products to the Life Science Instrumentation market. Our executive team encourages our sales, applications engineering, and marketing teams to bring the voice of the customer to our internal teams, ensuring that this feedback stays at the center of our daily lives. “We must adapt and change with time,” continues Bill Easterbrook. “Our customers’ needs, wants, and requirements are changing all the time. Therefore, so should our solutions.” Our highly flexible team of R&D and applications engineers passionately tackle our customers’ challenges every day so that their instruments can efficiently and accurately protect and save lives.

Get in touch to learn more about how we can work with you to solve your toughest fluidics challenges at

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