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Our Applications Engineers Want to Join Your Team

“The strength and customer focus of our Applications Engineering team at Bio-Chem is second-to-none,” says Chris Murphy, VP of Sales. “They act as technical consultants, active extensions of a customer’s design team, and trusted confidants. The relationships that they develop with our customers is invaluable.”

When you choose to work with Bio-Chem Fluidics, your project is assigned an Applications Engineer whose job it is to ensure the subsystem designs or fluidic components are fully customized to your instrument. They work with your team, lending their design expertise to ensure your system is optimized; their goal is to decrease instrument downtime and increase test accuracy. “The engineering support provided to specify the appropriate component or design and validate custom components is essential in ensuring our products are meeting the specific needs of our customers,” says Johanna Merluza, an Applications Engineer in our head office. “I enjoy seeing different applications of our products and how our products make an impact on peoples’ lives.”

If you’ve done business with Bio-Chem you know the truth in Chris Murphy’s words. Our Applications team is known throughout the life science instrumentation industry for their professional, timely service and fluidics expertise. “Our Apps Team is vitally important to our ability to provide the support we promise, and that our customers deserve,” Business Development Manager Chris Withrow says.  “Customers tell me all the time that our responsiveness and the amount of attention we dedicate to a project is what sets us apart. Being able to say we have an Applications Engineer assigned to their specific project is a big part of that.”

Our Applications team is a vital part of our business model. We strive to offer the same level of service to our customers around the world. Owen Cheng, an Applications Engineer in our Shanghai office says, “This role is exciting because you can resolve problems with your knowledge and experience. Bio-Chem sells solutions rather than the product itself, and my role is an essential part of providing technical support to our customers.” When asked what he wants our customers to know, Owen said, “I want to be a part of your R&D team and design cycle because the more we can support each other the better the solution we design will be.”

Get in touch to see how our Applications team can help you Improve the Reliability of your Life Science Instruments at

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